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The enquiry process
With over 280 years of legal experience as one of the UK's oldest practices, we work hard to understand every client's values, needs and goals - that's why we tailor our service to fit the individual.
We'll work to clarify the issues you face by providing sound and practical legal advice, all with the aim of protecting yours and your family’s future. Transparency is key, and so we'll make sure that you fully understand the service and cost of what we're providing to you.  
1. We receive your enquiry by email, phone or in person.
2. You will have a free initial chat, usually by phone, to help us to understand your needs. We'll tell you how we work, and we'll explain the costs.
3. If it's appropriate, we'll arrange a meeting to discuss your enquiry in detail.
4. We will complete the work we've agreed with you.
That's it! You're now a Woolley, Beardsleys & Bosworth client.
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If you haven’t made a Will, who receives what, how much, and on what terms is determined by a set of rules, not your wishes. So things may not turn out as you wanted. And as bereavement is a difficult time for those involved, what’s required is clear, sympathetic and expert guidance to make sure that when the inevitable happens, the distribution of your assets or transfer of property takes place with smooth efficiency.


And that’s the benefit of appointing specialists to perform this service for you and your family.​


If you want plain-speaking advice to arrange your estate for the future so you can reduce the impact of Inheritance Tax and ensure your assets end up where you intended, we can help. Or maybe you need to sort out a deceased relative's estate yourself by arranging to obtain a Grant of Probate, or deal cataloguing and valuing assets, and making sense of complex Trusts or other legal arrangements.


Our legal team work with our financial planners and accountants to provide effective inheritance tax strategies to our clients, and to manage estate and probate for clients. 

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If you are ever in a situation where you can't manage your affairs yourself, you'll be pleased that you planned ahead by arranging a Lasting Power of Attorney. 

Whilst we often think of mental incapacity as a problem affecting the elderly, it's something that can happen at any age. A stroke, accident or serious illness can leave us unprotected and vulnerable, and knowing that someone we trust is able to look after our affairs and ensure that our health and welfare are properly managed is a great comfort. 

Get in touch with us today to arrange a free initial chat.


Trusts are a secure way of having control over and allocating money to someone, both during your lifetime and long after you've passed on. Trusts can help you protect your assets, stay flexible, minimise tax and avoid probate. We use our expertise and combined services to ensure that our clients are getting the most out of their trust, that their money is soundly invested, and that they are meeting the complex requirements of ever-changing rules and legislation. 


We specialise in residential conveyancing and offer a bespoke service depending on your requirements.


We're used to helping our clients to buy and sell houses, change ownership or move assets into trusts or other structures. ​Take a look at our pricing structure below. 

The Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS)

We are proud to have been accredited by the Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme. This logo is your guarantee that our practice will provide you with a professional & quality conveyancing service.

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SRA Pricing Changes

We are proud to be in compliance with the SRAs changes in publishing pricing for specific legal services. This badge is your assurance that we are compliant.

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