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Chesterton House Financial Planning Ltd: Authorised & Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Reference No. 126368. Registered in England Company No 2118345 (ENGLAND)

 Chesterton House Accounting Services LLP: Partnership No. OC381114 (ENGLAND).

Woolley, Beardsleys & Bosworth LLP:Authorised & Regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. Reference No. 607014. Partnership No. OC379158 (ENGLAND).

What do you you want to achieve? We can help you get there.

We are unique in offering financial planning, accounting services and legal advice all in one place, and it’s something that we’re very proud of. Through our combined services we help each of our clients achieve financial freedom. To us this means ensuring their wealth is managed and grows effectively, so they can focus on the more important things in their life. 


Financial Freedom comes from making wise decisions about your wealth and looking towards the future, but it also encompasses important elements such as tax advice and reporting, succession and estate planning, and ill-health arrangements. We offer a bespoke service in which you can selectively choose or combine our services depending on your circumstances.


Wealth Planning

Achieving financial freedom comes from making wise decisions about your wealth and looking towards the future. What do you want to achieve in five years, or ten? We will help you to clarify your future goals and why they are important. Our 'values-based' approach has been instrumental in helping our clients make good decisions around money. You can find out more about it here.


Forward thinking is crucial and so we evaluate and plan for the future, looking at five key financial planning areas in order to manage and grow your wealth over time. We'll make clear and effective recommendations, guide you through them carefully, and work with you to put them into action.

Who will I be working with?

Our financial planning team manage wealth planning, and work with our accounting and legal teams when tasks such as tax or estate planning are required. Read more about wealth planning and our process here.



Thinking about retiring but don't know whether you can afford it yet? Want to plan ahead but don't have a clue where to start? Organising your pension, your taxes and your family's future planning is an immense task to undertake alone.  We can help you make sure you're getting the best out of your retirement, and that yours and your loved ones future is secure. 


Often our clients don't realise that they are already in a position to retire, or the steps they need to take to get to this point. We use our expertise to pinpoint the actions you need to take and make a plan to get you there. 


Who will I be working with?


Our financial planning team have years of expertise in managing retirement plans.They will call on the skills of our accountants and solicitors when needed. 

Read more about our process here



When clients come to us for investment advice, we begin by talking with them about what they want to do with the money they accumulate. Every client is different and so our investment process follows a bespoke 6 stage approach to investing money, focusing on a long term approach, as this garners the best results.

Who will I be working with?

Our financial planning team manage investments. Learn more about our investment process here, or read about our process here.


Business Accounts

Our accountancy team works with businesses large and small. As well as the services you'd expect like book keeping, tax planning, business advice, VAT reporting and annual accounts, our specialists will work with you to make your businesses stronger, more efficient and more profitable. Our 'values-based' approach means that we'll gain a thorough understanding of what you want from your business, and we're committed to helping you achieve it. 

We are experts in Making Tax Digital, a new requirement that will affect all businesses that are registered for VAT. Read more about it here


Who will I be working with?

Our accounting team manage business accounts. They will often seek advice from our financial and legal experts where necessary to help accelerate a client's progress towards their goals. 

Read more about our process here


Medical Professionals

We're proud to offer advice and packages to NHS Professionals - whether individual GPs or Consultants or for whole Practice Management. We'll make sure that we understand your practice and its revenue streams, helping to maximise both profitability and clinical effectiveness. We can provide highly individualised advice to Partners and GPs in these areas, and our financial planning expertise is invaluable in understanding the complex interaction between NHS, private and other work and the effect it has on your tax bills and your retirement plans.

We also specialise in Making Tax Digital, which is now a legal requirement for businesses, which you can read more about here.


Who will I be working with?

Our accounting team manage medical professional accounts, and they regularly work with our financial planning professionals, pension experts and solicitors to be able to provide truly effective advice. Read more about our process here.  



Trusts are a secure way of having control over and allocating money to someone, both during your lifetime and long after you've passed on. Trusts can help you protect your assets, stay flexible, minimise tax and avoid probate. We use our expertise and combined services to ensure that our clients are getting the most out of their trust, that their money is soundly invested, and that they are meeting the complex requirements of ever-changing rules and legislation. 

Who will I be working with?

Our financial planning team work with our legal specialists to offer a comprehensive trust management service. Learn more about our process here.


Tax Planning

We understand that every business and individual has unique accounting requirements and goals. We'll help remove the burden of calculating your taxes, and we'll suggest ways to reduce the amount of tax you pay - sometimes by very significant amounts. 


Our accountancy team will work with you to minimise taxes on you and your business, and advise you how to structure your affairs for best results.


We can also help you with more specialist advice, such as moving a property portfolio to a more favourable tax regime, or setting up an Enterprise Investment Scheme to fund your business.

Did you know that we're experts in Making Tax digital? This is now a legal requirement for businesses and it's something we can help you with. Read more about this here.

Who will I be working with?

Our accounting team manage tax planning. Read more about our process here.  


Estate Management and Probate

If you want plain-speaking advice to arrange your estate for the future so you can reduce the impact of Inheritance Tax and ensure your assets end up where you intended, we can help. 


Or maybe you need to sort out a deceased relative's estate yourself by arranging to obtain a Grant of Probate, or deal cataloguing and valuing assets, negotiating with HMRC, calculating taxes due, and making sense of complex Trusts or other legal arrangements.

If you are in the unfortunate situation of having to deal with someone’s death, our legal team can help. They will tell you in simple terms what to do, what it will cost, and,

if relevant, what planning opportunities exist. 

Who will I be working with?

Our legal team work with our financial planners and accountants to provide effective inheritance tax strategies to our clients, and to manage estate and probate for clients. 

Read more about our process here.  


Wills and Succession Planning

If you haven’t made a Will, who receives what, how much, and on what terms is determined by a set of rules, not your wishes. So things may not turn out as you wanted. And as bereavement is a difficult time for those involved, what’s required is clear, sympathetic and expert guidance to make sure that when the inevitable happens, the distribution of your assets or transfer of property takes place with smooth efficiency.


And that’s the benefit of appointing specialists to perform this service for you and your family.

Who will I be working with?


Our legal team manage Wills. Read more about our process here.  



We specialise in both residential and commercial property conveyancing and offer a bespoke service depending on your requirements.


 Our team can assist you with a wide range of property transactions, from residential sales and purchases to commercial property and leases. We're used to helping our clients to buy and sell houses, change the ownership or move assets into trusts or other structures. ​


Who will I be working with?


Our legal team manage conveyancing. Read more about our process here.