Admin of Estate Pricing
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Cost Breakdown

Every estate is unique, meaning that we're unable to provide a specific fee that fits all. We tailor our service to fit the individual, so that you get the most out of administering the estate with us. The fees you'll be paying will depend on the service you need. Our final fee includes administering the estate (price dependent on type of estate), the hourly rate of the solicitor and any disbursement fees that arise.


How much you pay for your estate is dependent on the variables within each stage, such as how complex the estate is, how long it will take to finalise. Below we have included a breakdown of our hourly rates, disbursement fees that may arise and the stages of our process.  Please get in touch for a quote.

Our Hourly Fees

If you wanted our help in administering an estate, we would provide you with more specific information about the costs in your case, so the examples here can only be a guide. We are happy to work for a fixed fee, where possible, or to give you an estimated charge based upon the number of hours we anticipate we will need to complete the work. Either way our aim is to give you clarity about our costs so that you can go ahead with confidence. The hourly rates that apply are shown below.       

Private Client Solicitor

(over 5 years of post-qualification experience)

£205.00 + VAT Per hour


Genealogist report

(stage one of process)


(stage two of process)

£500-£1000 (+ VAT)

£200-£750 (each) (+ VAT)

Statutory Notices

(stage two of process)

£200 (+ VAT)

Probate Court Fees/ Oath Swear Fees

(stage three of process)

£160-£185 (No VAT)

Bankruptcy Searches

(stage five of process)

£2 per person (No VAT)

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

Land Registry Transfer Fee

£150 (+ VAT)

Usually between £20-£40 (No VAT)


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