Purchase of a Leasehold Residential Property
Here's how we can help you move to a new home.
Our Fees Start At  £750 + VAT Plus Disbursements

Our fees quoted below cover all the work required to complete the transaction described. Unlike some of our competitors, we don't make any hidden extra charges such as referral fees to a third party, to verify your identity, to close or store a file or administration costs to arrange bank transfers. These can significantly inflate the cost of your sale or purchase so make sure to ask for a full breakdown of costs if you're seeking a range of quotations.

Our Fees Are Based On The Value Of Your Property

Price up to £100,000

£100,000.01 - £200,000

£200,000.01 - £300,000

£300,000.01 - £500,000

£750.00 + VAT

£800.00 + VAT

£850.00 + VAT

£1000.00 + VAT

£500,000.01 - £750,000

£1075.00 + VAT

Our additional fee for dealing with a mortgage​

Our additional fee for dealing with a Help to Buy ISA

£100.00 + VAT

£50.00 + VAT per person

£750,000.01 - £850,000

£1130.00 + VAT

£850,000.01 - £1M

£1350.00 + VAT


Local Authority Search Fee

Drainage report

Environmental/Planning Reports

Lender Panel Mortgage administration fee

(if appropriate depending on lender)

Bankruptcy Searches​

(if mortgage)

Land Registration Fee

(Payable to land registry to register change of ownership)

Stamp Duty Land Tax

Land Transaction (Wales)​




£10.00 + VAT

£2.00 per person

Dependent on value of property

Calculate here

Dependent on value of property

Calculate here

Only applicable to Welsh property

Calculate here

Anticipated Disbursements

Notice of Transfer fee 

(Usually set out in lease)

Notice of Charge fee

(Usually set out in lease)

Often £50-£200

Often £50-£200

Deed of Covenant fee

(Provided by management company)

Certification of Compliance fee

Often £50-£200

Often £50-£200

(confirmed upon receipt of the lease)


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