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Achieving Fellowship of the Personal Finance Society – "Why would you not?"

Earlier this year, our Paraplanning Team Manager Jane Dring-Morris achieved Fellowship with the Personal Finance Society. As the highest award to be achieved with the PFS, we're very proud of her and think it's very well deserved. Here's Jane's story on why she decided to go for it and what she took from her journey.

As I progressed in the financial world, I achieved my Associate status by completing the Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning and gathering 290 CII credits. I thought I was happy with that, but after a conversation with my daughter (“Why would you not?” she asked me, and I couldn’t come up with a decent answer to that question) I decided to work towards achieving Fellowship. But to reach that top level I needed to collect a total of 350 CII credits – a challenging but rewarding endeavour in the realm of Financial Planning.

A photo of Jane Dring-Morris standing on the right shaking hands with a representative of the Personal Finance Society at her graduation ceremony

The way I see it, achieving Fellowship of the Personal Finance Society (PFS) isn’t just a badge, it’s a symbol of dedication, resilience and triumph in the face of challenges (I had more than one or two failures along the way). It’s a representation of commitment to continual growth and striving for excellence. I often talk to team members about having a financial “toolbox” and that’s how I think of it – discovering an advanced set of tools, giving a deeper understanding of financial intricacies. This achievement brought with it insights and skills that elevated the way I navigated financial planning landscapes.

It gave me an arsenal of skills, trust and continual learning that directly translates into better, more tailored and more reliable financial planning solutions for clients. The journey to Fellowship was a continuous process. It wasn’t just an achievement but a commitment to always stay informed with the latest knowledge and skills.

It’s not just about knowledge and skills though; it’s about committing to the highest standards of integrity. Ensuring that every decision and recommendation is rooted in honesty and the best interests of both clients and team members.

Pursuing Fellowship of the PFS is like discovering a secret garden filled with tools and knowledge that could significantly elevate the way we help our clients. This journey isn’t just about a title, it’s a chance to enhance your skills and enrich your professional standing. So, why wouldn’t you consider embarking on this journey towards financial expertise and empowerment?

Andy Jervis commented, "We're exceptionally proud of Jane and her achievements, and the high standard that she has set for all of our team. I know from many years of working alongside Jane that her primary motivation has been to deliver the very best possible outcomes for our clients, and many of those clients have benefited from her skills and insight - event though they may not have realised it as Jane's expertise has filtered out to our whole team. Very well done Jane. You are a credit to us all."


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