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From Financial Planning to Management: Jordan Wong's Inspirational Journey at Chesterton House

At Chesterton House, we take pride in fostering the growth and development of our team. Our Financial Planning Manager, Jordan, was recently featured in an article published by Citywire New Model Adviser, where he shared his journey from financial planning to management.

A Journey of Challenges and Growth

In February 2022, at the remarkable age of 29, Jordan was promoted to the senior role of Financial Planning Manager at Chesterton House. This transition brought its fair share of challenges, but it also provided Jordan with a unique opportunity to showcase his leadership abilities. We are proud to have supported him throughout this journey, providing him with the time and space to acclimatise to his new role and the confidence to lead our team.

Nurturing Talent for a Bright Future

At Chesterton House, we believe in nurturing talent from the very beginning. Jordan's success is a testament to our commitment to setting clear career ambitions for our employees. Our close-knit team creates a familial atmosphere where everyone's values and opinions matter. By working together, we develop success roadmaps tailored to our employee's career goals, ambitions, and values. This approach ensures that each member of our team has a clear path to follow and ample opportunities to grow.

Unexpected Paths Lead to Extraordinary Destinations

Jordan's journey into financial planning was an unexpected one. As a chemistry student at Loughborough University, he had initially aspired to a career in forensic science, and accountancy was another avenue he contemplated. However, a pivotal placement year as a student scientist changed his perspective. Recognising the need for a change, Jordan embarked on a new path, starting as an assistant financial planner, beginning his financial planning career.

Preparing the Next Generation

At Chesterton House, we believe in planning for the future and nurturing young talent within our industry. Our directors understand that they won't be here forever, and they are dedicated to helping younger team members progress and become the face of positive change. Through intergenerational planning and working with established clients, we offer our younger advisors the opportunity to gain valuable experience early on and build relationships with clients. This strategic approach ensures a seamless transition of leadership and benefits both our clients and our team members.

Insights for Aspiring Advisors

Drawing from his own experiences, Jordan shares valuable insights for young individuals seeking a career in financial advice. He highlights the importance of gaining practical experience and remaining open to feedback, emphasising that true development comes from a combination of learning and on-the-job experience. While a degree can provide an advantage, Jordan underscores that it is not a prerequisite, as skills gained from other disciplines can be transferable and contribute to success in the field.

At Chesterton House, we take pride in our team members' accomplishments and their journeys toward professional growth. Jordan's transition from financial planning to management serves as an inspiration to us all. We remain committed to providing our employees with the support and opportunities they need to thrive in their careers. By nurturing young talent, embracing diverse backgrounds, and fostering a collaborative environment, we are shaping the future of financial planning and ensuring the continued success of our clients and our firm.


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