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Our Clients Show Their Artistic Flair

When walking into Chesterton House Reception, you may have noticed we have some excellent artwork on our walls that are available to buy. These were created by Daisy Chan and Keith Linington, two of our longstanding clients. We asked Daisy and Keith to tell us a little more about themselves and their work.

About the Artists

Daisy Chan

Daisy moved to Loughborough in 1973 and started painting watercolours after she retired from lecturing at Loughborough College in the mid-90s. She now enjoys attending local painting workshops. Her main interest is floral painting and she has exhibited her work in various exhibitions in the Charnwood area.

Keith Linington

Keith came to Loughborough in 2006, and has painted for about 20 years, starting with classes and courses while working as a veterinary surgeon. He paints watercolours of landscapes, seascapes, river scenes, animals and toys – working from sketches on location, if possible, and has shown his paintings in Surrey and Devon where he used to work.

About the Art Groups

Keith and Daisy are both members of two art groups - Soar Valley Artists and The Woodhouse Eaves Art Group. There is more information about Soar Valley Artists on their website (provided in the link above) - however, in short, the artists meets between 6:30 and 8:30pm on Mondays at the Mountsorrel Memorial Centre throughout the year (except public holidays), and is open to any level of talent.

Woodhouse Eaves Art Group meets every Friday in Woodhouse Eaves village hall, and it is open to anyone from Leonardo Da Vinci to Joe Bloggs, or Frida Kahlo to Jane Doe. No matter what experience you have in watercolours, oil paintings, acrylics and drawings - everyone is there to support each other, give tips and most importantly... have fun!

For more information on Woodhouse Eaves Art Group, or to become a member, email

The Exhibitions

Keith and Daisy have the pleasure of inviting you, your families and friends to their exhibitions from Soar Valley Artists and the Woodhouse Eaves Art Group.

The dates for these are as follows:

🖼 13th and 14th October at Rothley Centre (this weekend!), 10:00am - 5:00pm

🖼 27th and 28th October at Woodhouse Eaves Village Hall, 10:30am - 4:30pm

Entry to the exhibitions are free of charge, and there will be a wide variety of pictures in different mediums on display. If that's not enough to spur you on, there will also be homemade refreshments on sale!

If you can't make these exhibitions, don't worry! Soar Valley Artists have a running exhibition at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester, which has a changeover of pictures every 10 weeks or so.

We've really enjoyed having Keith and Daisy's art dotted around on the walls of Chesterton House (some of which are featured above). These are all available to buy from Reception should you wish, why not take a look when you're next in for a meeting?

We love to know what our clients are up to, if you have a story to tell please let us know and we'd be delighted to share it.


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