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Here Are Two Ways You Can Help People In Ukraine

It has been less than a month since the war in Ukraine began, and although peace talks are on the table, those trapped in the country are still in danger. If you're looking for a way to make a difference, here are two things you can do to directly help people in Ukraine.

At the time of writing the conflict in Ukraine has been waging for just under a month. Men and women have been attempting to flee Ukraine with their children and animals, where as others are holed up for safety in apartments and basements until the conflict is over.

Neighbouring countries are rallying to help those impacted by providing food, shelter and safety, with humanitarian organisations such as The British Red Cross and People In Need providing relief to refugees along the border.

Even though it seems like the entire world is watching the war unfold, it's difficult to know how to make a difference as an individual.

If you'd like to take action, there are are plenty of things that individuals can do to help those that are impacted. Here are two ways you can directly help people in Ukraine.


Donate To Humanitarian Organisations

International Organisations

There are a number of international organisations that are helping refugees with vital supplies, food and shelter. Some notable organisations that are providing help on the ground are The British Red Cross, People In Need and UNICEF. Sunflower Of Peace is also worth mentioning as a USA-based charity that is sending medical supplies directly to doctors and paramedics in Ukraine. We've also supported Shelter Box, a charity that helps provide emergency help and supplies to people displaced by conflict or natural disaster.

Animal Organisations

Animal charities such as Peta Germany and Network for Animals are also accepting donations in order to help refugees to be able to feed their animals and get them to safety. Many people have had to abandon their animals, or they reach safety and are unable to feed them. These organisations help to provide relief for refugees and their animal companions.

Organisations In Ukraine

There are many local organisations that need support. Nova Ukraine is a local non-profit which is providing funding and supplies in Ukraine, as well as helping refugees escape to other countries.

Doctors Without Borders is another organisation with a base in Ukraine. They are delivering urgent medical supplies and providing training to hospitals on how to manage mass casualty incidents.


Support Independent Initiatives

Rent or Provide an Airbnb Room

As a way of putting money directly into the hands of people impacted in Ukraine, many people are 'renting' rooms with local hosts in Ukraine, with no intention of checking in*. Airbnb is leaning into the initiative by waiving all host fees, meaning that locals will receive the full amount. Airbnb have also launched their own initiative, asking those with Airbnbs to host refugees escaping from Ukraine. You can find out more about Airbnb's initiative here.

*This is a individually led initiative. If you plan to rent a room in Ukraine then please proceed with caution. We recommend ensuring that the local is from Ukraine and has previous reviews, in order to avoid fraud.

Drop Off Supplies For Refugees

There are 22 drop off points across the UK where you can donate everything from food and clothing to toiletries for refugees in Ukraine. You can see a list of drop off points published here. In Loughborough, the local Polish Club has organised the collection and delivery of supplies for Ukraine, you can find them on their Facebook page. If you're not located near a drop off point, why not see if you know someone that is and can pass along supplies for you?


We fervently hope that the conflict in Ukraine comes to an end soon. In the meantime, if you're looking for ways to help those in need, these small actions could make a big difference to those that are impacted by this war.

Please note that reference to the various organisations mentioned above does not imply an endorsement by Chesterton House. If you have any concerns regarding the status or activities of any organisation mentioned you should carry out your own research. A good starting place for UK charities is to view the details lodged at the Charity Commission.

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