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Coffee and Cake for Christmas

Last Friday we hosted our annual Christmas Coffee Morning at Chesterton House, and it was great to welcome many of you to our offices to drink coffee, eat cake and also to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Our wonderfully creative staff brought a variety of cakes, many of which they had made themselves, which were shared over mulled wine, coffee and much merriment. We loved hearing all about what you've been up to this year, and your plans for Christmas. Coming on the morning after a long election night for the more politically-minded among us, everyone was surprisingly perky and we very nearly managed to avoid discussing the election results.

As well as an enjoyable event, we were delighted that the cakes sold well, helping us to raise cash for Cancer Research UK, and we're proud to announce that your donations amounted to £233.80.

Chesterton House has kindly agreed to match this, bringing the total amount that we'll be donating this Christmas to £467.60

That money will help Cancer Research to provide;

  • 90 sets of essential chemicals for research labs

  • 30 visits to Cancer Research UK’s mobile awareness units

  • 14 days worth of cancer trials

  • A next generation DNA sequencing experiment

  • The cost of running Cancer Chat for a full day

Our Christmas coffee mornings are a much-loved tradition and we hope that everyone who came along enjoyed themselves. For those that weren't able to make it this time, take a look below to get a flavour of the event. And if you'd still like to donate, you can do so directly to or send us a cheque and we'll pass it on.


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