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What’s it like volunteering with Abbeyfield?

Abbeyfield has provided accommodation to the elderly for over fifty years, but it’s the volunteers that pour their hearts into making those houses a home. We spoke to Enid Shepherd, one of our longstanding clients, who shared her passion on why it’s worth making time to help.

Enid grew up in the presence of Abbeyfield, helping both her parents create a supportive environment for the elderly.

“My connection with the society goes back to the beginning. My father was on the committee that started Abbeyfield in Loughborough in 1962.

“When the first house, on Forest Road, was opening in 1966, there were not many paid employees, and so my mother and myself volunteered to work alongside my father.”

Years later, when both of her parents passed away, instead of flowers, donations were made to the charity in their memory, one of which provided the clock still standing in the hall in Abbeyfield’s Ingleside home in Loughborough today.

Enid continued to work with Abbeyfield until she moved to France with her husband, but since Peter passed away she has recently returned to volunteer once more.

“I’ve been helping at The May Mills house for about a year now. I felt I had to do something with my life and follow in my parent’s steps.

“So here I am back at Abbeyfield. I’m enjoying getting to know the residents, joining in with outings, chatting or afternoons of games.”

Abbeyfield is always looking for individuals to help organise events, fund-raise, or simply give company to the residents for an hour a week. Would you spare some time out of your week to volunteer? Could you make a difference like Enid?

If you want to find out more, visit Abbeyfield's website at, or if you are interested in other volunteering opportunities we recommend visiting, a national volunteer database.

If you are one of our clients and are involved in volunteering, we’d love to share your story.

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