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The Reassurance of Accreditation

Chesterton House Financial Planning Ltd is an Accredited Financial Planning Firm (AFPF). What is so good about this?

The Financial Planning profession has changed and grown hugely over the last few decades. From the free-for-all of the 1980's, when anyone could become a 'financial adviser' with zero training and no experience (and many did), we've seen regulation take us to a point where it's now necessary to achieve a solid qualification before being allowed to become a financial adviser in the UK.

The old divisions still exist though, and there are still many firms who focus on selling pension and investment plans first and foremost, not always with the best interests of the consumer at heart. Whilst things have improved massively, it's still a bit of a minefield out there for people trying to find good, long term financial planning advice to help them to achieve their goals.

A good financial planner will be happy to advise you about your pension and investments, but the difference is that they will firstly take time to uncover what is truly important to you, what your goals and aspirations are for the future, and how those pension and investment plans serve the outcome you're looking for, taking into account all of your assets and liabilities to factor them into an action plan that works for you.

As members of the CISI, at Chesterton House we're committed to truly 'client-centric' advice, delivered consistently over a life-long relationship with our clients. It's a model that has been championed by our professional body, the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment, and the pinnacle of professional recognition for Financial Planning firms is the achievement of AFPF status.

The award of this important badge is granted only to firms that can demonstrate a high level of professional skill and qualifications, a robust and consistent investment methodology, a holistic approach to planning client's affairs, and clear, well-defined processes in place to be able to provide the highest possibility that client's plans will be achieved.

To find our more about Accreditation and the benefits that it offers to consumers, go to, where you will also find a search facility to be able to find an AFPF firm local to you.


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