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Here's how our Accounting Team is leading the way to sustainability

We recently published an article about Chesterton House going Paperless. As we continue to look for ways to provide a more efficient service to clients and reduce our carbon footprint, here's how one of our businesses has been leading the way to a more sustainable future.

The global pandemic has encouraged us all to adapt to new ways of working. For our businesses, this has meant implementing important changes to the way we work, yet we're proud to say that Chesterton House Accounting Services has already made large steps to going fully digital over the past year.

Since last summer, Accounting Services have been using an online portal through our website to communicate with clients.

Paul McGrath, Partner of Accounting Services said: "The online portal & email are our preferred contact method. This has meant a reduction in printing, postage and stationery by 75% in 2020 so far."

The portal has enabled clients to sign important documents such as Terms Of Business and Company Accounts remotely, as well as signing annual documents such as Tax Returns which can be e-approved through the portal.

"We also use a system called Auto-Entry, where sales, purchases and bank statements can be uploaded to the system in a PDF, Word or Excel format, meaning there is no longer a requirement to print documents. It can all be provided and uploaded onto the accounting systems in digital format."

Working digitally has become the default for Accounting Services when it comes to moving information around, and our team have reached out to clients to help them to embrace this new way of working. Saving time in this way has meant that our team can focus on face to face meetings (mostly held by video link currently) for talking through strategy and plans, helping to deliver great results in their businesses.

If a client isn't ready to move online we're still ready and willing to provide our full service, and there remain a number of people who, for one reason or another, prefer to work that way. There is no doubt, though, that using the electronic systems we've developed can save time, increase accuracy and deliver real efficiencies on both sides.

We'll continue to look for ways to be more sustainable and efficient, whilst still providing the personal and bespoke service that is our hallmark.

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