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Happy Easter from a Cuckoo-free Chesterton House

In our previous article, we discussed the phrase “Financial Freedom” and what it means to Chesterton House. Imagine being able to take your children, or grandchildren away on a holiday to Disneyland over the Easter holidays. The first barrier to jumping on the plane would often be “have we got enough money?", and the second "have we got enough time?"

At Chesterton House we can help you to maximise these two, fundamental aspects of Financial Freedom.

There's a common metaphor that you may have seen before - the idea of putting all your eggs into one basket.

If you had a conversation with John Genovese, Senior Investment Analyst at Chesterton House, about this concept he would tell you that putting your eggs into one basket is most unwise. Instead, he would suggest spreading your investment eggs between different baskets, and rightly so.

Our Investment Committee are fundamentally discussing your portfolios - particularly the possibility of adding value by varying asset allocation dynamically.

But what if the eggs symbolised your choice of financial planners, accountants and solicitors? If the basket is a particularly comfortable, safe, friendly and professional place that you can trust… why not lay the eggs together?

That’s our outlook when it comes to achieving your financial requirements and goals.

If you’re a client of Chesterton House, then you’ll probably already know that we offer our joined-up approach of Chesterton House Financial Planning, Chesterton House Accounting Services and Woolley, Beardsleys & Bosworth LLP for your legal requirements.

Our planners, accountants and solicitors aren’t just separate groups of planners, accountants and solicitors. We're trained professionals in the art of making people like you wealthy, organised, protected and ultimately, happy.

Our Teams work together to provide sound financial, accountancy and legal advice. When you become a client of one of our services, you get the added benefit of guided support from everyone else. We created it this way because it's best for you, our client.

In the past we sometimes found that other advisers were not really interested in doing what was best for you. These cuckoos could upset the whole nest whilst eating all the food.

That's why we think, in these circumstances, it is beneficial to put all your eggs in one basket... because we offer financial planning, accountancy and legal services, all under one roof.

Working with you on one Plan, and towards the same goals.

And no cuckoos.

But don't just take our word for it... here's what some of our clients think:

"The entire team is friendly, proactive and seems well informed – from a call into Chesterton House through to meetings. The reassurance and peace of mind that my finances are in such capable hands, is of great reassurance. Thank you all."

Judith Hagger, Bedfordshire

"I am very pleased with the service we receive from Chesterton House. The Team are all very professional, efficient and helpful."

Dr E, Wysall

"The service has been perfect for my needs, as it is tailored to suit accordingly, so gives me peace of mind."

Joe, Loughborough

"It is rare to find a company that one can trust implicitly - particularly where elements of financial exposure and/or selling exist. At Chesterton House this is achieved by an essential combination of small size, competence, knowledge, efficient management and trust."

Peter Cunnington, Leicestershire


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