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GOSH! What a cause!

Anthony Bennett fell ill following a school trip and ended up in Great Ormond Street Hospital, where he very nearly died. His heart stopped 12 times before he began to recover, and he owes his life to the care he received there.


At our annual Team Day in January Anthony inspired us with his story of how GOSH saved his life and how it inspired him to take action and raise funds for the  GOSH Charity.  So inspired were we that we committed to supporting them as our chosen charity for 2020.

In 1852 a London physician, Dr Charles West, was moved by the shockingly high number of infant deaths he was experiencing.  As a result of his drive to change things The Hospital for Sick Children was born, opening it's doors in February 1852 at 49 Great Ormond Street, London; with only 10 beds and two physicians.  The hospital was the first of its kind; dedicated solely to the care of children.

The hospital grew and developed into what we now know as the Great Ormond Street Hospital, a place renowned for it's pioneering breakthroughs in pediatric medicine and specialised care for children. It's a place that inspires the people it helps.

And now we would like to inspire you...


Join us for our Live Webinar

Thursday 28th May 2020 at 11.00am

with Amy Day of the GOSH Charity to hear more about GOSH, the work they do and how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected them. You'll be able to ask questions of Amy and learn more about this amazing institution.

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