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Financial Planning Week

We are delighted to be supporting the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment’s (CISI) Financial Planning Week and will be holding free, one hour consultations which can be booked in advance, and during the week commencing 11th October.​ 


Can you imagine not having to worry about money? Can you imagine having it all planned out so that you know that your current and future financial goals are met? So that you can live your life knowing that your money is working hard to benefit you, without you having to put so much effort in to manage it?

Financial planning does exactly that. It's about figuring out what you want from life, and making sure your finances can get you there, as well as planning for the important parts of your life like investing for your future, reducing debt, retirement planning and more. The annual Financial Planning Week is all about raising awareness of how financial planning can change your life and help you achieve your goals. Here's how we're taking part, and you can too. 


Sign Up | The Five Key Planning Areas That Will Boost You To Financial Freedom

If you want to become financially independent you need a Plan. In this free Webinar, Andy Jervis, our Chairman and an experienced Certified Financial Planner, will explain the Five Key Areas that make up a great Financial Plan, why they are important, and the positive action steps that you can take immediately to get your own Plan on track. The Webinar will be held at 5.00 pm on Monday, 11th October. 

Read | Learn How To Create a Plan to Change Your Life

Every year Financial Planning Week points a spotlight on the benefits of great Financial Planning, with plenty of events, media exposure and opportunities for people to experience Planning for themselves. Organised by the Chartered Institute of Securities & Investments (CISI), this year the Week happens between 11th and 17th October. Here we share what it's all about and what we're doing to get involved.


Download | Guides On Financial Planning 

The hosts of Financial Planning Week, the CISI, have provided some guides on financial planning for those are are employed, self-employed or running a business. This guide aims to help you think about your finances by highlighting the important factors that our community of leading Certified Financial Planner™ professionals think you should look at during this uncertain and challenging time. 

Image by Giorgio Trovato

Financial Planning Week is hosted by the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment’s (CISI). Find out more about the CISI and discover a wealth of resources about Financial Planning on their website here

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