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Woolley Beardsleys & Bosworth Renovations July 2017

Since 1st January 2017, Woolley Beardsleys & Bosworth Solicitors has been a part of the Chesterton House family. We spent a lot of time and money bringing No. 29 Rectory Place back to a modern, usable state, with up to date heating, new electrics and computer networking throughout. In doing so we have been very keen to preserve the integrity of one of Loughborough’s finest old buildings.

Some of you may have already been and had a look around the building now that it has finished, especially those that attended our tours at the Summer Garden Party on August 16th. Take a look at the building when it was being renovated - we can't believe it ever looked like this!

For those that haven't seen it yet, you're more than welcome to drop by, take a look at the finished product and learn about Woolley Beardsleys & Bosworth Solicitors' 286 years of history. We're very proud of it!


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