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Which Road Are You On?

The essence of Financial Planning is simple. It is defining where you want to go, analysing where you are now, and then designing a strategy and a series of actions for getting there.

At Chesterton House we have taken this concept to the next stage by not only defining where you want to go, but helping to understand why you want to go there, and what the payoff will be in terms of fulfilling your values.

 Our conversation begins by asking "What's Important About Money To You?" Exploring the answer to this question is an essential step in building a Plan that is uniquely tailored to your own personal values, goals and circumstances. If you've experienced it, you'll know how helpful this can be. 

Completing your own Financial Road Map® will help put things in perspective for you, and will help your Financial Planner to design a Plan that will accelerate your progress towards your goals, and begin the process of getting your entire financial house in perfect order.

 The understanding and insights that we gain from listening to you will inform all of the work we do for you in the future, and your Plan will be more real, more robust and more inspiring as a result.

Your first meeting is free so we can be sure we're right for each other.

And whether you choose to work with us or not, your completed Financial Road Map® will give you a new way of looking at your finances and your life that will help you to make even better money choices in the future. 

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