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We've Gone Paperless!

As a business we're always looking for ways to reduce our waste, and so we've gone paperless. Here's what it means for our communications going forward.

"Going Paperless" means that we've adapted most of our paper documents to a digital version. It's not possible for us to eliminate paper completely, but we've changed our processes so that the majority of our documents are now sent digitally rather than using paper.

We're proud to be displaying The Paperless Logo on our website. To meet their criteria we have ensured that:

  • Formal communications are conducted via email/phone instead of posted letter.

  • Invoices are sent via email or made available online without being printed.

  • Payments are made online and not by cheque unless required.

  • We do not use a fax machine.

  • Filing is done on hard drives, servers or online where possible.

We'll continue to look for ways to be more efficient with our communications and avoid sending paper documents where possible. We will reduce our waste, recycle and go digital where ever possible.


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