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One for the Road

One of our long-term clients, David Stevenson, has just published his first book! After a career in branch banking, David joined his wife Elaine in her self employed businesses as a theatrical costumier and designer/creator of bridal wear. David is a Methodist layman in the Loughborough circuit, and in retirement he finds time to foster relationships in the local community when not busy caring for his wife.

Here we have some more information about his book and how you can purchase your own copy.

David's book is titled "One for the Road - a Search for Faith in a Sceptical Age". As suggested by the title, the book takes a progressive approach to religion, seeing the critical biblical analysis of the past 200 years and the discoveries of science as friends rather than enemies in the ongoing quest for truth.

David's intention with the book is not to antagonise people secure in their belief, but rather to offer a way forward to those for who the traditional tenets of faith are no longer invigorating nor even credible. It is hoped that the book will prompt reflection in readers who may not fully share its conclusions.

The publication carries the welcome endorsement of a peer inside the front cover and a bishop on the blurb, and is expected to have an appeal overseas as well as in the UK.

John Churcher (former Chair of PCN-Britain) certainly had some high praise for the book, writing that:

"This is an excellent and wide ranging book of essays, hymns and poetry that could be used as short daily sources for thinking and contemplation. It is an exploration of an emerging Christianity fit for our own contemporary post-modern age, and transcends any specific culture or geography. I have used David Stevenson's hymns and poetry for at least a decade and found them always to be important contributions to progressive corporate worship."

John Shelby Spong, a former Bishop, also writes that:

"The book is filled with hymns that he has composed which you are not embarrassed to sing for they make contact with the world we all live. I love his work. You will too!"

The copy that was kindly given to Chesterton House by David was accompanied with a touching dedication to his wife, Elaine, which you can view in the image below:

Copies of David's book can be obtained from the author at 9 Anson Road, Shepshed LE12 9LA, and he asks that people please enclose a cheque for £7.00 inclusive of postage.

We love to hear about our clients’ achievements and what they get up to in their spare time. Do you have a story you wish to share? Let us know at and you could feature in our blog and newsletter. Here are some of your stories we have already featured:


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