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Writing The Book On Financial Planning

One of our Financial Planners, Jordan Wong, recently wrote a chapter on financial planning in a book predominantly for university students. Here he tells us his experience of putting his knowledge to use for the benefit of the next generation.

Jordan has been a Financial Planner at Chesterton House for almost five years, helping his clients to manage and grow their finances, and achieve their goals. As well as helping our clients, Jordan has been involved in mentoring students at Coventry University Business School who are working towards a career in financial services.

Through this work he was asked to impart some of his knowledge by writing a chapter on financial planning for a book used by the University.

The book, titled 'A Practical Guide To Financial Services – Knowledge, Opportunities and Inclusion' is aimed primarily at students at university who are aspiring to a career in the finance industry.

Many books about financial services are designed to serve corporate finance education, focusing on capital structures, maximising shareholder value, regulatory compliance and other business-oriented topics.

A Practical Guide to Financial Services is different: it swings the perspective towards the end-user, the customer, the essential but often overlooked participant without whom retail financial services markets would not exist.

While still introducing all the key areas of financial services, it explores how the sector serves or sometimes fails to serve consumers, why consumers need protection in some areas and what form that protection takes, and how consumers can best navigate the risks and uncertainties that are inherent in financial products and services.

Jordan's chapter focuses on investments, including the main theories underlying various investment approaches and how they ultimately help an individual achieve their financial goals in life.

Jordan said: "This was a great experience for me. It was on my career bucket-list and is something that I have always wanted to do. I hope that students will use the knowledge in the book to become successful in the industry, and help their future clients have the highest probability of achieving their goals."

Now that this project is completed, Jordan plans to focus on developing a blog to help the wider community think about and improve on their financial circumstances, and to inspire young professionals to help them succeed in their careers.

The book, published by Taylor & Francis Ltd, is available from all good retailers under ISBN no 9781032130996 or an electronic version can be purchased through the Kindle Store and Google Play books.

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