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Hunstanton, Here We Come!

It was an extremely sad day when I learnt that my friend’s mother, Trish, had passed away with Pancreatic Cancer.

After a night at the Narborough Arms Beer garden, a group of my friends and I voiced that we wanted to do something positive, so we decided that the best memorial to my friend’s mum would be to raise as much money as we could for Pancreatic Cancer Research.

Not long after I found out that the Hospital where Trish spent her final days was organising a gruelling 100-mile bike ride to the sunny town of Hunstanton. We all signed up for it.

What we hadn’t factored in was how unfit we all were. This is where the real hard work started – in training. I began cycling my way round every country road in Leicestershire on my old bike and after 6 leg-aching months I triumphantly completed my longest ride yet, at 40 miles. So obviously I thought the 60 miles on the bike ride would be a piece of cake.

The next part of the challenge was to raise as much money as humanly possible. With the help of Chesterton House, my family and friends and my main agent…my Grandma, my sponsorships rose to an impressive £1,000.

With only a month before the deadline I received an almighty boost with the loan of a top of the range road bike, from a trusting friend.

When my alarm sounded at 4am on the 24th June, I realised that the day was here. I squeezed into my lycra padded shorts and cycling jersey, feeling my nerves kick in.

What if I can’t complete it?

What if I fall off my bike?

But when I joined my 50 fellow cyclists in the small Leicestershire village of Tugby, adrenaline took over.

Right from the start it felt like we were flying, but after 70 miles Danny and I realised we

had gone in the wrong direction. Finding ourselves in the middle of a busy dual carriageway was exactly the scenario we wanted to avoid. And I thought map reading was a strong skill of mine!

After reluctantly taking my support drivers advice, we made our way back on track and started racing towards the finishing point.

The signs for Hunstanton were in sight and before we knew it we were on the home straight heading towards the Golden Lion Hotel. We were greeted by cheering crowds and a well-deserved pint of lager. The greatest challenge of my life was accomplished.

I hope that we’ve made you proud, Trish x

Sam Harrington


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