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Goodbye To Old Friends

There's been a lot of comment in the press about the people we have lost over the last

year, from David Bowie to Victoria Wood and Muhammad Ali. We've had some losses among our friends and clients too.

When we work with people over a long period of time, business relationships turn into friendships, and when we have helped those people to plan and achieve their goals their loss comes hard. 

We've said goodbye to a number of our clients over the last year, and our sympathies go out to the spouses, partners and families left behind. The first Christmas and New Year after the death of a loved one can be a really difficult time and our thoughts are with you.

We have been pleased, though, that we have been able to help many of you in dealing with the administration that's needed when someone dies, and in providing guidance and support at such times.

We're especially proud of our Legal team for the work they have done to help clients in these circumstances, and we know from the feedback that we've received that that work has been greatly appreciated.

Thank you to everyone on our Teams and to our clients and friends for helping to make a reality our vision of a fully integrated service that supports people through good times and bad and helps provide the reassurance that, in the areas of finance and future planning at least, everything is in place.

With the added capacity of our union with Woolley, Beardsleys & Bosworth Solicitors  we'll be able to help many more people over the years to come. We look forward to facing the future together in 2017.


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