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A View From Reception At Chesterton House

Sometimes the role of a Receptionist can be seen as short-term, or as a stepping-stone on your overall career path (writes Jane Porter). You only need to take a look at the recent promotions we’ve seen at Chesterton House where Reception colleagues have successfully moved into new roles in Accountancy, Legal and Paraplanning Administration.

For the rest of us being a Receptionist is actually an incredibly fulfilling career in itself and it can be very full-on! Working for a well respected and long established firm with a great reputation is rewarding, and gives us all the opportunity to help our customers to achieve their financial ambitions, lifetime dreams and future security.

We are the face of the company and for many people visiting an organisation we will be the first and last person they will see. We are proud to be the person who makes them feel welcome from the very beginning - and we serve great coffee too!

Receptionists are talented multitaskers, able to manage multiple ongoing situations without turning a hair. We’re hired for our great computer skills, our organisational ability and our thoroughness among other things, but most of all for our ability to speak to people and make them feel welcome and at ease in all of their interactions with our various Teams.

Chesterton House provides high profile clients, spanning several family generations, with a quality service that delivers beyond their expectations. This results in a very high level of personal recommendations which continues to develop the success and growth of the business.

The Reception Team are at the centre of everything, supporting everyone in our business – Administrators, Conveyancers, Financial Planners, IT staff, PA’s, Solicitors and senior Partners. And that’s a lot of responsibility!

If you’re a client of Chesterton House, then you’ll probably already know that we offer our joined-up approach through Chesterton House Financial Planning, Chesterton House Accounting Services and Woolley, Beardsleys & Bosworth Solicitors. Our planners, accountants and solicitors work together to help make people like you wealthy, organised, protected and ultimately, happy.

When you become a client of one of our services, you get the added benefit of guided support from all of our Teams, and Reception is no different. We work hard to understand our client's needs, give them the information that they require, and guide them to the best source of help for them. We created it this way because it’s best for you, our client.

Between our businesses we're proud to have served the people of Loughborough and beyond for a combined total of well over 300 years, developing into the integrated business we are today, working with you on one Plan and towards the same goals. It's a great place to work, and we love to see people's plans come to fruition over time, whether it's buying a house, building a business, or transitioning into financial freedom. I'm very happy and proud to be on the front line making it all happen.

Jane Porter


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