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A Framework For Financial Freedom - Recorded Webinar

Andy Jervis, our Chairman and an experienced Certified Financial Planner, delivered a webinar on "A Framework for Financial Freedom". Andy described some of the people who have influenced his financial planning career, with particular reference to the work of George Kinder and his renowned book, "The Seven Stages of Money Maturity". 

Using Kinder's framework, Andy describes the path to achieving financial freedom. It's a journey open to all, and it involves mastering not just basic money skills but our emotional responses to difficult decisions involving money. Starting with Innocence and moving through the stages of Pain, Knowledge, Understanding, Vigour, Vision and finally the stage that George calls 'Aloha', Andy suggests several exercises that can help you to make progress on your own path.

You can choose to watch the video of our meeting or listen to the audio podcast. Just click on the appropriate image below.

Watch the video below

Listen to the podcast below

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