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5 Ways Values-Based Financial Planning Can Help You

We can’t escape from making decisions about money.

Every time we buy a coffee on the way to work, travel by car, plane, bus or train, or use our mobile phone, we are putting money into action. We think about our immediate finances all the time (how much money will I be paid this month? What do I want to use my money to get now?), and we often have short term financial plans that guide the actions that we take.

But what about the longer term? How often do you think deeply about your goals for the next 5 years? The next 10 years? The next 25 years or more? Here’s how Values-Based Financial Planning can help you.

Planning Your Financial Future

When you think of your future, what do you see? A new house? A happy family? A great adventure abroad? A successful business venture? Or perhaps a rewarding and fulfilling life after work?

We each find ourselves daydreaming about what could be, but getting there is often harder to plan. You need to sort out the difference between ‘wishes’ – ideas that may or may not happen – and ‘goals’ – definite objectives for your future that you are actively working towards. Because ultimately you will only succeed with your goals if they are truly important to you, and in harmony with your values.

Values-Based Financial Planning does exactly that. It takes you on a deep dive into what’s truly important to you in a way that you won’t have experienced before.

Roy Disney, Walt’s brother, said, “When your values are clear, your decisions are easy,” and that’s something we’ve found to be true when we work with people to align their values, finances and goals.

What we’ve also found time and again is that when these three things are fully aligned, all things become possible. Our role as Financial Planners is to help you to tailor your Financial Plan around your goals and take the right actions for important aspects of your future such as investments, retirement, tax and legacy planning.

But it’s also about much more than that. It’s about helping you to understand what’s possible, and what could be achieved with the proper marshalling of your money and resources. When that’s combined with the focus and energy that arises from working towards something that is really important to you, magic happens. It’s a joy to behold.

The first part of Values-Based Financial Planning involves working out what is deeply important to you, and your goals for the future. Our Financial Road Map process is at the heart of our service, and it’s helped literally thousands of people towards greater financial success in their lives. It can do the same for, too.

Having a Financial Plan based on your Financial Road Map will help you in many other practical ways. Here are some of them;

1. You will achieve your goals

Want to buy a house in five years? We’ll tell you how you can.

Want to retire at a certain age? We’ll help to make this a reality.

Want to invest in a way that’s rewarding and worry-free? We’ll help you create a portfolio that’s based on your own unique circumstances, designed to give you the highest possible chance of achieving your goals.

Once you set a date for when you want to achieve your goal, our Team will meet with you regularly to make sure you reach it, working with you every step of the way.

2. You will get rid of your debt and create cash for future goals

Excessive debt is like a cancer eating away at your future security. We’ll work with you to help you eliminate your debt over a period of time. By budgeting and planning, we'll ensure your funds are well placed to plan for your future, while organising your finances so that you are within budget in the present.

3. You will look after your family’s future

Retirement, insurance, inheritance and Wills are all important steps to consider when planning your family’s legacy. Our experts at Chesterton House will work with our legal team at Woolley, Beardsleys & Bosworth to create a bespoke plan and ensure your family is well cared for in the immediate and long-term future – and even after you are gone.

4. Your wealth will grow

Our investment specialists are experts in helping you to grow your wealth. We’ll help you choose investments that are right for you, and then we’ll monitor, review and adjust your portfolio to suit changing conditions. Most importantly, because we’ve got a clear understanding of your goals and spending plans we’ll make sure that the cash you need is there when you need it.

5. You will have a secure plan for your future

Every part of your Financial Plan is designed around your unique circumstances and goals. Our clients often tell us that our service helps them to sleep easily at night, knowing that everything is in its proper place and under control. It can do the same for you.

Would you like to know more?

The service that we offer at Chesterton House is unique. We offer a threefold service of financial, accountancy and legal advice, all under one roof and all totally focused on your Plan, your Goals, and your Life. They are ready and waiting to serve you.

If you’d like more information about how we could help you or someone you know, call us on 01509 610472 or email


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