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Covid 19 Policy

In April 2022 the Covid 19 measures relaxed significantly, with the anticipation that we can begin to view the virus similar to the 'flu and other common colds and continue with our daily lives without restriction.

With this in mind, we have updated our policy to reflect our current ways of working as of Spring 2022. Please read below for more details.

Rest assured our focus is, as always, on providing you with an excellent level of service and helping you reach the satisfying feeling of completing your goals.


If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch

How We're Operating Post-Pandemic



We are pleased to share that we are now resuming face to face meetings as our standard practice. We will be continuing to offer the option of online or telephone meetings for those Clients that would prefer. Please mention this to us when booking your meeting or call our Reception team if you'd like to change previously agreed arrangements.

Masks or Face Coverings

The requirement to wear a face-covering has come to an end, and we are no longer asking our team members to wear one in our buildings. We do understand that you may prefer to continue to wear a face covering for the time being and we will accommodate your wishes. Please just let us know and we'll make sure our Team are in the know and prepared.

Visiting our Offices

In terms of our physical premises, we will be keeping sanitising stations in situ for you to use at your own discretion. We will continue to keep surfaces cleaned down regularly and aim to ensure our premises are well ventilated.

Although our offices remain open to visitors, if you plan to pop by to drop something off or have a chat with one of our Team then it is worth calling us before you come along. One of the new-found benefits of the last couple of years is the increase in flexi-working and many of our Team have opted to work from home for part of their working week. This means they may not be in the building if it's not a planned meeting. Obviously, this doesn't apply if you have a meeting pre-booked!

If you need to drop off a document, we can accept a digital copy in many cases. Give us a call to check as it could save you an unnecessary trip out. 

Anything else?

If you have questions or concerns about your meeting or visiting our offices, we're more than happy to talk things through with you. Give us a call on 01509 610472.

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