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Corporate Actions

Our investment advice includes the recommendation of a wide variety of assets across a range of sectors. These assets include unit trusts, open-ended investment company shares (OEICS), investment trusts, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and other structures, offered by investment management firms selected from across the whole universe of available investments.


Sometimes the managers of these various investment funds make recommendations for changes to the structure, composition or objective of their fund which requires approval by investors who hold shares or units in the fund, and those investors are able to vote on any proposals made. We refer to these occasions as ‘Corporate Actions’.


If you have a Service Agreement with Chesterton House we will carefully review any proposed Corporate Actions that affect any of our clients and make our own recommendations as to how we suggest you vote, or what other relevant action to take. More information will be contained in a separate email that you will receive from our Investment Team, including what to do if you have a different view to our Team and wish to vote differently.


The most recent Corporate Actions are listed below. Please click on the link to view our recommendations in full, and the reasons for them.

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