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 Chesterton House Accounting Services LLP: Partnership No. OC381114 (ENGLAND).

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Client Feedback

Here's what our clients have to say 

Andrew | Kegworth
Over the years Chesterton House has turned my view point from not being interested to being interested in my current and future financial situation. They have helped me understand that by planning you work towards what you want rather than just going along hoping things will work out.
Marilyn | Allestree
Over the last 5 years the service & advice I have received has been excellent & although nervous about the financial world, Chesterton has been able to allay any fears with clear concise explanations.
David | Leicester
At first I was reluctant to delegate responsibility for my financial affairs. This reluctance soon evaporated as our relationship developed and I came to appreciate the available expertise. I am sure Chesterton House will never grow complacent, I am fully satisfied with the service currently.
Peter | Leicester
It is rare to find a company that one can trust implicitly - particularly where elements of financial exposure and/or selling exist. At Chesterton House this is achieved by an essential combination of small size, competence, knowledge, efficient management and trust.
Denise | Buckingham
The staff at Chesterton House blend efficiency with relaxed friendliness. I like the ethos of the planning, it has made me think about what money is for, not just investing & accumulating as an end goal. I have every confidence that our investments are handled well.
June | Ruddington
I have always been extremely satisfied in my dealings with Chesterton House. Financial matters can be quite confusing but I have faith in the company & consequently do not worry as I trust them to look after my investments.
Judith | Bedford
The entire team is friendly, proactive and seems well informed – from a call into Chesterton House through to meetings. The reassurance and peace of mind that my finances are in such capable hands, is of great reassurance. Thank you all.
Lesley | Leicester
Being advised by Chesterton means that I rest easy about money matters; because I have confidence that they give informed advice. The office staff have been unfailingly friendly and efficient.

We are unique in offering financial planning, accounting services and legal advice all in one place, and it’s something that we’re very proud of. Through our combined services we help each of our clients achieve financial freedom. To us this means ensuring their wealth is managed and grows effectively, so they can focus on the more important things in their life. 


Financial Freedom comes from making wise decisions about your wealth and looking towards the future, but it also encompasses important elements such as tax advice and reporting, succession and estate planning, and ill-health arrangements. We offer a bespoke service in which you can selectively choose or combine our services depending on your circumstances.

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