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What's In It For You?
The Benefits on offer at
Chesterton House

We think it's important to give back, and so we offer a variety of employee benefits that reward our team for the hard work they do. Some of our benefits include flexible working, extended time off, generous pension contributions, and employee discounts on each of our services. 


It's always been important to us that our benefits enhance the experience of working at Chesterton House and allow our employees more freedom in and out of the office. Take a look at a selection of our company benefits below.

Flexible Working

Don't want to work 9-5? You can work flexibly to suit your own schedule, pending agreement with your line manager.

Mental Health Support

We offer free, anonymous support to all employees, with 24 access to counsellors through Aviva’s online service.

Pension Contributions

Every month contributions of 9%, 7% by employer and 2% by employee, are automatically put into your pension pot.

Extended Time Off

Planning to travel for period of time? Pending agreement with your line manager, we’ll save your job for when you get back.

Discounts on Services

As well as providing a free financial road map to new employees, we offer discounts on all of our services to our staff.

Supported Development

We invest in our employees and encourage them to grow within their development journey through courses and training. 

Great Holiday Package

We offer a holiday entitlement of 33 days per year. Want more or less holiday days? You can buy or sell five days.

Edenred Discounts

We’re partnered with Edenred, meaning all our employees enjoy discounts and vouchers for every part of their life.

Working Overtime

We offer overtime, paid at 1.5 times salary, pending agreement with your line manager

Cycle To Work Scheme

Want to be more economical whilst exercising? We’ll buy you a bike, and you can pay it back monthly at no extra cost.

Death In Service Scheme

Should the worst happen to you whilst working with us, we’ll pay out a lump sum of money to your family equal to three times your salary.

Eye Health Check Ups

To protect the health of your eyes, we recommend having an eye test once every 12 months, and we’ll cover the cost.

Group PHI Membership

If you are incapacitated through illness or injury, you’ll be covered by our income protection plan which will pay you a proportion of your salary in the event of you being unable to work long term.

Employee Assistance Program

We all face challenges in life and there are times when professional qualified support can be helpful, so we’re pleased to offer Employee Assistance Programme from AVIVA Care First.  

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